Setting Doorbell on DKV Doorbird Models

DKV doorbird models need to have a doorbell setup in the doorbird app before it will trigger a doorbell event in composer. The following guide explains how to setup the doorbell in the doorbird app.

1. Launch the Doorbird app on your mobile device. Once open select the gear icon in the bottom right of the app:

2. After selecting the gear icon select "Administration" under the further functionality sub-menu:

3. Enter the admin username and password of the Doorbird or scan the QR code that was included in the Doorbird documentation. The admin user with end with four 0's. After the admin credential are entered select continue:

4. After the app logs in as the admin user scroll down in the app to the sub-menu "KEYPAD" and select "Settings":

5. In the settings menu select "ADD" at the bottom:

6. Setup the event as desired with a Code and Display name then select "Schedule for actions":

7. In the menu that loads select be sure that the a downward facing arrow to open the schedules menu and select HTTP calls:

8. Enable the schedule as desired or select the button in the upper right corner to enable the entire schedule. Areas that are white are disabled, and areas that are blue are enabled:

9. Repeat the process for the Push Notification schedule if you want the doorbell notification to be pushed to the doorbird app.

10. Once schedules have been completed go back to the previous menu where the Code and Display Name were set and select "Save" in the upper right corner:

11. Now that the event has been created and has been enabled it will need to be assigned as the default action for the doorbell in the doorbird app. Go back to the Administration menu then select "Default for bell":

12. In the Default for bell menu select the newly created doorbell event:

13. Go back to the previous Administration menu, scroll to the top, then select a desired user:

14. After selecting the user select "Doorbell" under the "ASSIGN DOORBELL" sub menu:

15. Now you will assign the default bell for the user:

16. Go back to the previous menu and select "Save" in the upper right corner:

Repeat steps 13-16 for each user that you want to be notified of the doorbell press.

Give the Doorbird a few moments to sync the changes. The doorbell event is now complete.