Basic Doorbird Driver Setup with Touchscreens

The Cinegration Doobird driver relies on several components to operate properly with Control4. Each of these steps needs to be setup in order to get video calls to the touchscreens.

Doorbird App Setup (Part 1)

  1. Download the Doorbird app to your smart phone using your mobile device app store.
  2. Launch the Doorbird app once installed to your mobile device.
  3. Select the gear icon at the bottom of the app.
  4. Select "Administration"
  5. Login to the Doorbird app using the admin username and password provided with the Doorbird setup documentation.
  6. Create a new user. This user will end with "0002" and will hereby be referred to as "user0002"
    Note: user0002 and the admin user (the user that ends with four 0's) do not share passwords. They are unique to each user. Additionally, user0002 must be used in the driver as it is the API and 3rd party integration user in the Doorbird app. If you would like to setup users in the app for your customer be sure to create additional users as needed (0003, 0004, 0005, etc.)
  7. Enter "SIP" as in the "name(comment") field.
    Note: Only user0002 can have it's "name(comment)" as "SIP".
  8. Scroll down and select "Permissions"
  9. Enable "API Operator" and "Watch Always".
  10. Go back to the previous screen and select "Save".
    Note: If save is not selected the changes will not be pushed to your Doorbird device and will be lost if you exit the app.
  11. Take note of this new username and its password, you will need them to setup the driver in Composer. You can view the password by selecting the eye icon to the right of the password.

Composer Setup (Part 2)

  1. Install the Communications Agent with in the project. If the communications agent is not in the project the Doorbird will not be able to initiate calls to the touchscreens.
  2. Be sure that you are on Composer version 2.9.1 or greater.
    Note: There are known issues with SIP in Composer version 2.10.0 that prevent video calls from working properly. If the project is on 2.10.0 you will need to update to at least 2.10.1 (or downgrade to 2.9.1).

Driver Setup (Part 3)

  1. Download the latest driver from DriverCentral
  2. Unzip the file and add the doorbirdV2.c4z file to your C:/Users/User/Docuements/Control4/Drivers folder (the "User" will vary depending on your computer)
  3. In Composer search for the Doorbird driver and make sure the "Local" box is selected in the search parameters
  4. Double click to add the driver to your selected room
  5. If you have not already setup the DriverCentral cloud driver do this now. How to install the DriverCentral cloud driver.
  6. Once the driver is in the project select the Doorbird you wish to setup in the driver from the "Found Doorbirds" driver menu option.
  7. Enter the Doorbird user0002 username (this is the user that was created in the Doorbird app setup listed in Part 1).
  8. Enter the Doorbird user0002 password (this is specific to the user0002 created in the doorbird app setup listed above in Part 1).
  9. The driver will now attempt to setup on it's own automatically. If any errors occur in the setup the will be displayed in the driver status field.
  10. Refresh Navigators for the changes to take effect in Composer and to allow video calling to the touchscreens.
  11. Test to verify everything works as intended.