Doorbird Snapshot Pop-Up Annocument on TV

If you'd like to display a snapshot image on a TV when the doorbell is pressed this can be accomplished in Composer via custom programming.

Part 1: Get Snasphot URL stream from Doorbird Driver

  1. Generate the snapshot URL in the driver actions menu
  2. Go to the Lua tab to view the snapshot
  3. Copy the snapshot URL for your custom programming

Part 2: Create programming (see example below using the family room example)

  • Add an if statement (Room Power On)
  • Send a 'Control4' command so the audio/video switches to the correct input
  • Add a 2 second delay (this is to allow C4 time to process the commands and save the image)
  • Add the pop-up message (see image below) from the controllers UI
    Note: Make sure to add an okay button or some way to clear out the screen