Doorbird Lock Control Setup

A door lock can be controlled from the Doorbird app as well as touchscreen custom button on a Control4 touchscreen.

DoorBird and Control4 give a dealer many ways to control a gate or Doorlock. There are two primary types of locks:

Relay via Doorbird: This method, the dealer would connect the lock or gate trigger directly to the relay output of the DoorBird. The dealer would wire to the O1/O2 outputs to the Doorlock or gate trigger. This relay is a Normally Open relay. If the Doorlock requires power supply should be wired in series. See Doorbird manual for proper installation.

Smart Door Lock: This method the Control4 driver will be used to send a TOGGLE command to the door lock or relay attached to the Control4 system. The door lock can be a zigbee, IP or standard hardwired door lock.

Lock Setup in Composer

In order to have a lock work in the Doorbird app the lock must first be configured in Composer.

  1. Setup the Doorbird driver
  2. Add a generic lock motor in Composer
  3. Bind the lock motor to the relay of the Doorbird
  4. In the driver select the appropriate relay from the "Event: User or Event" menu. After clicking "Set" you will be presented with new menu options for the relay.
  5. Select the lock motor from the "Notify: Trigger Relay or Lock" menu and select "Set".
  6. Refresh Navigators
  7. Once complete the key icon in the Doorbird app will trigger the relay and trigger the connected lock.

Programming Touchscreen Custom Buttons to Trigger Lock

If you'd like to program the custom buttons that appear on a Control4 touchscreen when the doorbell is pressed and the call is answered you will need to program this functionality on Composer.

  1. Once the driver and lock have been setup select intercom proxy driver that appears beneath the Doorbird driver (you many need to expand the Doorbird driver to see the intercom proxy driver).
  2. Enable the custom button you would like to use to trigger the Doorbird relay and name it.
  3. Go to Programming in Composer and select the Doorbird.
  4. In the Doorbird Events menu select "Intercom: Button 1 Pressed"
  5. In the Device Actions menu select the Doorbird
  6. Select "Device Specific Command" radio button
  7. Select the box "..." and set the desired relay to you wish to control
  8. Drag the newly constructed programming command to the "Script" section of the Doorbird.
  9. Refresh Navigators
  10. Execute the command or press the doorbell to test the intercom button.
  11. If successful you are now done!