Transferring Licences to a New Controller

Licenses purchased from houselogix are bound to the MAC address they were registered with on houselogix when they were imported to our database.  Licenses purchased at houselogix are usable on drivercentral, but not transferable between controllers. This means that licenses can be used on our site as long as the original controller is still used within the project. 

Licenses purchased on drivercentral are of course transferable on drivercentral via the projects portal. To transfer a license go to your Projects Portal and find the license you need to transfer. Once the license has been located select the "Unlink Licence" button.

Your licence will now be free to assign and can be found under the 'Add License' (+ icon).

Please note that unlinking licenses is only available for licenses purchased on drivercentral. 

If the driver is not activating on your controller and you believe there is a mistake, please Submit a Support Ticket and include your license as well as an explanation of your situation.