Control4 Showroom Licences

Simply naming a project "Showroom" does not make it a showroom project. Showroom projects are automatically generated when the required purchase minimum of $250 has been made. If the minimum purchase per year is not maintained the showroom project will be automatically removed from your account and will be restored once the purchase minimum of $250 per year has been met.

Showroom projects will have a special gray 'Showroom Project' tag.

All showroom drivers are handled through the showroom project and are free to use with the exception of Chowmain drivers.  In order to use Chowmain drivers you will have to apply for a  showroom license which you can then apply to your showroom project. You can apply for a Chowmain Showroom Licence here: Once you are granted a Chowmain Showroom License you will apply it to your showroom project via the "Manual License Entry" field of the project, found after selecting 'Add License' Icon in the project.